Cool Hawaiian Flower Tattoos Designs - Where To Find Them?

Published: 13th September 2009
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When we talk about Hawaiian flower tattoos designs it's primarily about the tattoos with hibiscus and plumeria. By the name, the Hawaiian flower tattoos designs are originally from Hawaii, an island known for its unbelievable nature and beauty with best of the beaches and greenery including beautiful flowers. As the place is renowned for its natural beauty so are the Hawaiian flower tattoos designs famous for there colorful flower patterns.

Predominantly, the Hawaiian flower tattoos designs are more popular amongst females. They have got lot of varieties including rose and lilies. As the name suggests Hawaiian flower tattoos designs are the common choice of Hawaiian people. In fact its one of the tourist attraction of Hawaii is to get the Hawaiian flower tattoos designs done. Hawaiian flower tattoos designs complement the tourists stay at the beautiful island with ocean waves around.

To start with, Hibiscus is one of the mostly used flowers in the Hawaiian flower tattoos designs. The flowers are made for women and adds up to the beauty of women by its shape and color. Another cool fact is that Hibiscus is the state flower of Hawaii. That adds to the reason why it's most preferred by with the women of Hawaii.

Hibiscus is considered to be a symbol of beauty for the fact that it's open for just a short period everyday. The significance of the flower varies to the color of the flower. A red hibiscus behind a girl's right ear would mean that she has a lover where in behind the left ear conveys she is seeking for one.

The lovely Plumeria flowers are also designed in Hawaiian flower tattoos designs. It's a tropical flower which could be found in white and pink color petals and has a very sweet fragrance. Plumeria flower tattoo could be designed with tribal art or with Hibiscus floral tattoo design. Another fact about this flower is that it's used to welcome tourists and visitors at the island. People who are looking at a warm theme yet floral can get a Plumeria tattoo teamed up with few hibiscuses as a Hawaiian flower tattoos design. Hawaiian flower tattoos designs could be done on shoulder, back of the neck, side of the neck, lower back, ankle, arm and even the hip area. As preferred by women mostly men gets them incorporated in there big designs of island. Its one of the way to keep remembering the place by getting a Hawaiian flower tattoos design done on your body.

The Hawaiian flower tattoos designs are available online in the Tattoo galleries. The choice of design would depend on the mood and theme of the tattoo. For a bold look, one can get a bunch of hibiscus and other flowers teamed up on the beach with the ocean wave. A small tattoo at the back of the neck could be one plumeria flower with your loved ones name and some highlighting done on the boundaries of the tattoo. Again you should have the confidence to carry yourself with your preferred tattoo.

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