How To "Beautify" Your Hawaiian Flower Tattoos Designs

Published: 08th September 2009
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Hawaiian flower tattoos are particularly popular with ladies who are searching for a more feminine tattoo designs. The Hawaiian flower tattoo designs quickly remind one of the beautiful scenery and of course the beautiful Hawaiian ladies. With so many beautiful associations to the Hawaiian flower tattoos designs, it is easy to understand why lots of ladies choose and use this lovely floral tattoo design.

One of the most popular Hawaiian flowers that lots of ladies choose to use as their flower tattoo design is the hibiscus flower. The hibiscus flower is also the state flower of Hawaii which explains why it is so popular amongst native Hawaiian ladies. Also, the petals and colors are bright and lovely which makes whomever spotting the tattoo emit a sense of cheerfulness. If that is your personality, the hibiscus flower tattoo would fit you to the T! It also has the meaning of live life to the fullest because life is short!

Another popular Hawaiian flower is the plumeria flower. If you have been to Hawaii, the flower leis that are presented to visitors as a welcome gift are made up of plumeria. It is also very common to see the hibiscus and plumeria "meshed" together as a Hawaiian flower tattoos designs. This lovely flower also symbolizes warmth, welcome and hospitality.

Some great ideas of creating an unique Hawaiian flower tattoo designs is to mix different flowers together like the plumeria and hibiscus flower as mentioned above. You can also add dolphins, surfboards, sea turtle, beaches or even the shape of the Hawaii islands to your Hawaiian flower tattoo designs and create an totally unique design. If you want your tattoo design to really have a Hawaiian flavor to it, you can even add hula dancers to your designs! Do not limit yourself to what you want to add into your flower tattoo design as long as you are happy with the design.
Besides the hibiscus and plumeria, other popular choices of flowers are the orchids, anthuriums and bird of heaven. These are all bright and beautiful flowers that will add a nice touch to your tattoo design.

And when you have decide on what you want on your tattoo design, the next step is to choose which part of your body "canvas" do you want to place your tattoo. Popular part of the body to get a Hawaiian flower tattoo design done is on the ankle, on the lower or upper back and even on the tip of the feet.

Whatever you have decided to add to your Hawaiian flower tattoos designs, also ask yourself if you are 100% satisfied with the tattoo design and the placement of it. The placement of your tattoo design can make a huge difference to how the tattoo turns out. You can request your tattoo artist to place the tattoo stencil on different parts of your body and then decide where is the best place to get your tattoo inked.

A tattoo is permanent and you should choose wisely and not settle for a design unless you are totally satisfied with it! Good luck in your search!

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